Trusted Surveys

Bad survey... bad, bad survey (while slapping the survey's hand). Until there's a drastic change, I cannot recommend using Swag Bucks trusted surveys. You'll see from my graph of how I've earned Swag Bucks that I did earn 370 Swag Bucks from completing surveys, but it wasn't easy.

Basically you have to qualify to complete a survey. There are screening questions and after answering, they determine if you are eligible to take the survey. I have taken a few, but usually I screen out of the surveys. After about the millionth time of answering my age, race, zip code, household income, etc. and still not being able to complete the survey, I quit trying.

I was particularly annoyed because some of the screening questions seem to be actual survey questions and after awhile, I felt like they were tricking me into giving them the feedback they needed without rewarding me.

For example, some screening questions might be:

How often do you drink soda?
Do you buy the soda or does someone else?
How much do you spend on soda in a month?
What brands of soda do you like?

And so on and so on, and after 10 minutes of these "screening" questions, I would get a message that says "We're sorry, you do not qualify for this survey". But the skeptical little gal on my left shoulder is telling me the "screening" questions were the actual survey questions!!!

So now I don't touch surveys with a 10 foot pole. I visit the page every single day to get my daily guaranteed Swag Buck, but as soon as I get that, I get right back off the surveys page.

Try it for yourself, but be be aware that you may spend lots of time screening out of surveys before you get one that actually allows you to complete it and awards you the swagbucks. I have completed a few, but finally gave up. I'm doing fine earning Swag Bucks without their surveys.

Overall, I still HIGHLY recommend Swag Bucks to any and everyone, just not the survey page.


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